Vitamizu is the fulfilled dream of a group of people who dared to go against the tide.

Imagine that one day you take your dream in hand, give it a form and start to make it come true. Like a gaucho, a South American cowboy, you are constantly on the move, usually on the run, to rest at night under the open sky, free and at peace. What makes you tick? What gives you a boost?

When you take a break from making your dream a reality, you sip some stimulating yerba mate drink the composition and taste of which you have developed to perfection. Each recipe is created thanks to your ideas, and the production takes place under your watchful eye. At Vitamizu we live in harmony with Mother Nature; we respect the animal world, which is why our drinks are 100% vegan and contain no preservatives. We are inspired by simplicity, harmony, balance and the unobvious. We are motivated by positively crazy people, full of passion and fervour, for whom being free and real is more important than becoming one of many.


The Vitamiz trademark is a toucan.. Why this?

Simply because it is native to South America, just like our favourite yerba mate, and you cannot fail to notice it. This charming winged friend is a symbol of joy, happiness and the colour that distinguishes it from the surrounding and common greenery.

Think different, drink different!

Let yourself be seen. Join the community of #Vitamizu people and take your dream with you!

Who knows, maybe this time it will come true.



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